An Invaluable Return for Sharing Your Patient Data

A colleague of mine called this moving, moving video to my attention.  Click here to view.

In the video, Jamie Heywood shares the story of how when his brother Stephen was diagnosed with ALS,  he and Stephen began capturing data on a variety of topics related to his experience (e.g., medications, dosages, efficacy, impact on health, etc.) as a patient with ALS.

Out of this data capture, Jamie and his brother Ben Heywood, along with a friend, founded PatientsLikeMe and an “ingenious website where people share and track data on their illnesses — and they discovered that the collective data had enormous power to comfort, explain and predict.”

PatientsLikeMe is a privately funded company that aggregates its users health information and shares it with members of the PatientsLikeMe community.

The community is free of charge to its members.

Data is incredibly powerful, sharing data is exponentially more powerful!

A special “thank you” to Dean McRobie for sharing this moving video.